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**Attention diesel owners and fleet customers, your vehicles are important to me and I want to answer any questions you might have. Please contact me directly so we can discuss a custom program for your diesel vehicles.**

Staying up to date on your vehicle’s maintenance is the best way you can prevent headache when it comes to your vehicle. Not only are you saving yourself time, money, and added effort, you are potentially saving lives. Not just any lives either, I am talking about the lives of the people closest to you. Picture this for just a second, your wife (or husband) just picked the kids up from school, she is on the way home when the car has a blow out going down the interstate.

I’ll leave the details to your imagination, but no matter how that scenario plays out in your head, it’s not good.

Did you know that more than 50% of blowouts could have been prevented?

What about being stranded on a dark road because you forgot to check your oil level, did you know that can be prevented as well?

“Oh that won’t happen to me!”

“What are the odds of that happening?”

“I just got new tires, I think I’ll be fine for a while.”

“My car starts and drives every single time, I doubt I’ll be stranded anytime soon.”

I’ve heard it all before, and my answer will remain the same, “In order to keep you and your loved ones safe, you absolutely must keep your vehicle maintained.”

There is a reason I’m saying all of this and I am going to tell you why, but first I want to tell you a story. This is a real story, only the names have been changed for privacy reasons.

Mary, a mother of two was working a busy schedule. Her husband, Mark, worked out of town most of the time and wasn’t typically around during the week.

After dropping the kids off for school, Mary would go to work. When she finally got off work, she would pick the kids up from their after school program. One day while Mary was driving her trusty Toyota, the maintenance required light popped up on the dashboard. As you can imagine, Mary wanted to get the light turned off as soon as possible. The only problem was her busy schedule wouldn’t allow her to make it by the repair shop during normal business hours.

No problem, the car seems to be driving fine despite having the light on. As any normal person would, Mary decides it can wait until the weekend. Well, after Mark got home from busy week, he decided to take the family out for some fun. Yay! Mary forgot about the maintenance light. The next week, same thing. We are all human and we forget stuff sometimes. After several weeks go by this way, Mary hops in the car one evening after work  to go pick up the kids. On the way, her car shuts off while she is driving down the road.

The time is 5:15PM and the after school program shuts down at 6:00PM. Mark was out of town on business, so Mary called the school to make them aware of the situation. Now, if you’ve ever found yourself in a situation like this, you know a child will be taken to the nearest police station to await the parent’s arrival. Terrifying, right! In a hurry to make it before 6PM, Mary phones a local tow company where the dispatcher tells her all the trucks are carrying a load at the moment and will not be able to reach her for another hour.

With no other options, Mary made the choice to wait for the tow truck. She quickly calls her sister, “Can you please pick up the kids for me?” she says. Only problem, her sister wasn’t able make it in time either. After making a few more calls, she finally finds someone to pick up the kids.

The tow truck arrives, loads the car onto his rollback, and hands Mary a bill for $75 dollars. The vehicle is then dropped off at the repair shop which has already closed for the evening, no repairs will be done today. Mary arranges for a rental car at $35.00 per day, and waits for morning to call the repair shop. A few hours go by and Mary receives a call from the shop. Her motor had a small oil leak that had allowed enough oil to leak from the motor that it caused severe internal damage. The repairs would take approximately 5 days, and cost $3400.00. The cost of the rental car for the 6 total days was $210.00 plus the $75.00 tow bill, and Mary was now looking at a total of $3,685.00.

The reason I am telling you that story is to demonstrate what can happen if you aren’t taking care of your vehicle properly. If Mary had been keeping track of fluid levels, doing visual inspections, changing her oil on time, and otherwise taking care of her car, the entire ordeal could have been prevented.

Can you imagine how Mark, her husband, probably worried about his wife being stranded on the side of the road or his kids stuck at school…or having to cough up nearly $4,000.00 to pay for the repair?!

How much do you think it would be worth for you to be able to drive worry free? To never have to worry about your vehicle’s maintenance again? To know your wife or your kids can drive without winding up on the side of a busy interstate, or worse in a ditch because of a blowout? What would that be worth to you?

I took the liberty of asking those same questions to some of my regulars and built a program based on their answers. These packages are like nothing the automotive world has ever seen before.

Everything included in these packages is scheduled in advanced, reminders are sent 24 hours before the appointment so all you have to do is leave your vehicle where it can be reached. The inspections and features of these packages can be done anywhere within our service area, while you’re at work, home, playing golf, or whatever.

This is 100% SET IT AND FORGET IT!

Take a minute to decide how you want to change your life and click the button that makes the most sense to you.



Per Month
  • Quarterly oil changes.
  • Monthly vehicle health checks involving the inspection of fluid levels, fluid quality, brakes, belts, hoses, lights, wiring, drips, drops, and etc…
  • Tire pressure and irregular wear patterns.
    • Tire patching (should the need arise).
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    Per Month
    • Quarterly oil changes.
    • Monthly vehicle health checks involving the inspection of fluid levels, fluid quality, brakes, belts, hoses, lights, wiring, drips, drops, and etc…
    • Tire pressure and irregular wear patterns.
      • Tire patching (should the need arise).
      • Wiper blade replacement as needed.
      • Tire Rotation as needed.
      • Lifetime brake service (parts included)
      • Freon top offs.
      • Roadside assistance (available only for Platinum level customers).
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