“Mechanics are LIARS!”

Now, hold on just a second, I know what you’re thinking. Before I tell you my reason for saying that, I guess I need to introduce myself and tell any new readers what it is that I do.

My name is David and I am an ASE Certified Technician. In 2014, I started a truly awesome service that eliminates the frustrations of working with a repair shop. My services are 100% mobile, yup, you read that right. My customers love me, because I save the time, money, and heartache. No more waiting rooms, no more sheisty mechanics, and the best part is you get to drive your car or truck with confidence!

Now that you know who I am and what I do, let’s talk about some major concerns most people have when choosing to work with a new mechanic. If you would, bear with me while we talk about this. This commonly discussed reputation is one that hits close to home for me, and I think it needs to be addressed early on in our relationship.

How many times have you taken your vehicle in for service or repair and felt a huge weight on your shoulders?

All too often we hear about customers being taken advantage of or ripped off by their mechanics. It’s not a good feeling and for the majority of drivers, the inner workings of a car or truck is completely foreign. Let’s face it, auto repair might as well be quantum physics.

This gap in understanding can cause a very unsettling feeling. You have no control, you need your car by tomorrow, and you have no idea how much it could cost. A smooth talkin’ service writer could really sell you here. You know what I’m talking about, this is when the questions start to run through your head. You begin to ask yourself, “I came in for an oil change, why is this guy trying to sell me a brake job?” “This was supposed to be an easy fix, why is he telling me I need all these extra parts now?” “I don’t have time for this crap right now, why can’t these mechanics just be straight forward?”

These are very common questions to ask yourself when dealing with an auto repair technician…and for good reason too.

We have all heard stories of mechanics taking advantage of their victims…errr…ummmm…I mean customers. That’s why I have gone above and beyond to make sure my customers feel 100% safe and secure when we work together. Imagine yourself feeling good about calling your mechanic, imagine never having to stress about your vehicle working properly again. You see, ever since I’ve been working for myself as a mechanic, I’ve had to deal with an undeserved reputation, one that I have sworn to change.

Let me walk you through what it’s like to work with me as your automotive service and repair technician.
First and foremost, I break down all of my repairs into one of four categories.

1. Urgent – These repairs can cause catastrophic failure and potentially get you or a loved one hurt. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, those repairs need to be done before that vehicle drives again. Also if your vehicle is not running, that is considered urgent in my book as well. Example: Critical brake conditions, significant coolant or oil leaks, overheating, no starts, stalling, etc…

2. Recommended – Any time there is a concern that should be addressed for a potential safety or money saving reason I will put them in this category. Your vehicle may be running and you may not be aware of the risks, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Example: Low brake life, weak a/c performance (ignoring can cause system failure $$$), check engine lights, warning lights, low tire pressure (an air leak can leave you stranded or worse lead to a blow out), timing belts, tune ups, etc…

3. Worthy of Mention – These repairs can cause you problems in the future. I will always provide written notice of these issues to you and offer a time frame which seems acceptable to prevent further complications from the issue. Example: Windshield wiper blades, foggy or dim headlights, brake lights, maintenance items that are coming up such as transmission service or oil changes, intake cleaning, shocks and suspension, etc…

4. Cosmetic – These repairs will not affect the driveability or function of your vehicle. Often times they are just an ugly sight or sound they you may be tired of looking at or hearing. I will likely make mention of the issue if it is obvious enough, but again, you will be made aware that it is not a huge concern.

You see, there are only 4 concerns someone has when choosing an automotive repair technician, and those are trust, safety, time, and money.

Now that we’ve cover the first concern, trust, let’s talk about those other 3.

Safety. Choosing the right mechanic can be tough. If you aren’t 100% about the capabilities of your mechanic, you may have concerns about driving your vehicle after a repair has been completed. Using an ASE certified technician, like myself, is one step you can take to ensuring your peace of mind. You can read more about the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence here.

Beyond the basic safety concerns a customer might have, I’ve realized in my particular business, there may be yet another safety concern. You see, as a mobile mechanic I often work on a customer’s vehicle at their home. Home is meant to be a safe place, and inviting a mechanic over to your safe place can be scary. Not because I’m a scary person, but possibly because mechanics already have a less than ethical reputation. As I mentioned before, my intention is to change that reputation…well…at least for my customers. The best way I can prove myself to you is through my current and past customers. If you’d like, you can click on the Testimonials tab at the top of the page or you can click here to visit my Facebook page.

The first two concerns, trust and safety, are in my opinion the biggest issues. That is not to say that your time and money aren’t important, because they are. Guess what!? I’ve already got you covered there as well. Let’s take a look at how I’m going to save you both.

Time. You may have heard this before, “Time is our most valuable commodity.” I’m not exactly sure who said it, but it’s true. Every second we spend doing something we dislike can never be regained. It’s gone forever.

Being without your car can keep you from going a lot of places. Sitting in the waiting room of an auto repair shop can keep you from doing a lot of things. If you have kids you know how much of a pain it can be forcing them to sit in a boring waiting room. Having your vehicle worked on is often a timely endeavor. By offering a mobile maintenance and repair service, I can work on your vehicle virtually anywhere. Imagine if you will, you’re due for an oil change, but can never find time to get by the shop for an oil change. You simply click the tab at the top of the page to Schedule an Appointment. Pick a date, time, and a place…then you are all set. I will show up anywhere so long as the owner of the property approves. (This isn’t usually a problem because I take care of all waste removal and EPA approved disposal) You can work, spend time with your family, or focus on literally anything you want, other than the repair of your car or truck. I think we can all agree, I’ve got you covered on time.

Lastly, I want to talk to you about money.

Money. Auto repair can be expensive, there is no question. I can assure you I am not the cheapest technician in town, nor am I the most expensive. What you can be sure of is that I will not rest until the job is finished. Your safety and the proper operation of your vehicle is my number one priority. When you hire me to do a job, it is my promise that I will do everything in my power to ensure that you are happy with the repairs. I provide a great service and my customers love that they have this option over a dealership or repair shop. That being said, I do charge competitive rates for my service. As far as a dealership goes, I beat them all day long. When it comes to Joe, your corner mechanic…he may give you a better rate, but I guarantee you won’t find better service.

So your cars runs on gas, huh!?

Do you need an oil change or other maintenance service? I do that!

Do you have a car that needs to be fixed in a hurry? I do that!

Whatever your troubles, I can help.


Maintenance Lights?

Failed emissions, check engine lights, and other scary dashboard lights…These lights can mean serious consequences. No one wants to deal with the hassles of a fine or ticket because your car or truck didn’t pass emissions. Not only can these light save you from being fined, they can save your life too. Did you know that an airbag light on your dash means the entire air bag system has been disabled. That could be the difference between life and death if you were to ever be in an accident. Then you have the TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System, if this light is on you could be at risk of a blow out or a flat tire. It’s not worth being stranded over. Schedule an appointment to address dashboard lights as soon as they come up…it could save your car or even your life.

Rough Ride and Noises?

Does your vehicle clink, clank, clunk, or vibrate? When you pull into a parking does everyone turn to see who’s making all the ruckus? Does your car ride like a watermelon, shake like a tree, or sound like an airplane? Any of these can mean a serious problem. Even if your car still runs and drives, noises and vibrations can be indication that a small problem is about to get worse. If you want to save money, time, and trouble…do NOT wait to have these problems looked at.

Leaks and Smells?

Are you experiencing drips, drops, leaks, or stinks? Each one of your vehicle’s systems uses fluids. Sometimes the fluids are for lubrication and some times they are for hydraulic pressure (brakes), in any case these fluids should be sealed inside of their specific systems. Even minor leaks can cause serious problems. If you’ve ever been driving a pushed your brake pedal to slow down, only to find that your car wouldn’t stop, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Any time you smell something coming from your car it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Again, catching these problems early could save you thousands of dollars and in certain cases your safety.

Electrical Issues?

Most of your cars and trucks are run off of computers and electronics. With all the added features and new technology, there is a lot more that can go wrong. I had one customer who’s sunroof would open up all by itself…the funny thing is, it only ever opened when it was raining. He didn’t think it was quite as funny. The point is, if you notice anything weird happening in your car like lights not working, windows don’t roll down, tail lights blinking erratically, or anything else out of the ordinary, you need to have it checked. While these problems seem minor, they are typically caused by a short or other problem with the wiring or electronics in your vehicle. A short can easily turn in to a blown computer module. i.e. expensive!!!

Got glow plugs!? No problem.

Looking to get a glow plug service?

Is your truck blowing smoke?

Should your turbo be making that noise?

No matter what the problem, I am fully qualified and experienced with diesel cars, trucks, vans, and vehicles. Just give me a call and we can get you set up for an appointment.



If you own a diesel, and I assume you do, you know how important maintenance is to the performance and longevity of your truck or car. You don’t really have many options here…you can either maintain your motor or wind up paying for major repairs. Owning a diesel truck gives you a certain pride, knowing you’re driving a pure American powerhouse. That is until you find yourself stranded on the side of the highway, because you forgot to change your oil and your turbo quit working. Don’t sweat it though, I do maintenance on request as well as regular scheduled maintenance.

Hard Start or No Start?

Your diesel can be a finicky beast. Diesel trucks are famous for leaving drivers stranded and often at the worst times too. Maintenance certainly helps reduces instances like this, but it won’t guarantee these types of failures will not happen. When you do find yourself stranded at the job site, or on the side of the interstate…just remember I am happy to meet you anywhere locally that you might be and do repairs on site. Use the calendar or call, it makes no difference at all.

Injectors, Turbos, Cooling System?

Injectors and turbos are the lifeblood of modern diesels. These components need an effective cooling and lubrication system to survive. A worn out turbo can make noise, cause poor fuel economy and sluggish performance, those symptoms can also be shared by bad injectors. A professional diagnoses assures money is well spent and the problem is fixed the first time.

Performance/Aftermarket Installation?

Did you know the high compression of a diesel motor can actually suck contaminants straight through the air filter? Maybe, you’re thinking about a new air filter right now. What about performance and efficiency…did you know there are aftermarket programmers that can change the horsepower or fuel economy of your diesel at the push of a button? When you get ready to make these type of upgrades, make sure you call me first. I have first hand experience with many of the after market manufacturers, and I can help you make a good decision for you and your vehicle.